Learn English Online with
EasySpeak by BLI


Why should you learn online with EasySpeak?

  • Individual classes with experienced teachers

    Keep improving your English skills after your course at BLI

    Prepare yourself before coming to South Africa

    General English or Business English

  • Bay Language Institute (bli) has had great success with English courses at our Port Elizabeth school.

    However, we understand that traveling to South Africa and taking an immersive English course may not be possible for some.

    Because of this, bli is proud to introduce EasySpeak, an online English course component available to students worldwide.

    All you need is a computer and access to the internet to benefit from the EasySpeak online courses.

    And lessons are flexible and easily manageable to fit to your personal schedule.

  • How does it work?

    EasySpeak’s online English courses are 25-minute private lessons with one of our certified and experienced, native English speaking teachers.

    Lessons are personalized to meet your needs and learning goals, can be purchased in affordable monthly packages and are easily scheduled at a time based on your time zone and most convenient to you.

  • Lesson content

    Online lesson content depends on you! Skills are assessed by the teacher and lessons are then modified to address your weaknesses and needs, and so meet your language goals.

    Lessons can cover anything from basic skills such as grammar, vocabulary, and listening to more advanced skills such as pronunciation and conversation.

    No books are required, the teacher can share materials via screenshare/e-mail with you while you learn in a virtual private classroom.


Improve your level of English proficiency with 2 lessons per week with your personal teacher.

Recommended if you want to move up to the next level.



Quickly improve your level of English proficiency with 3 lessons per week with your personal teacher.

Recommended if you want to move up to the next level quickly.